Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Writing update!

Hi everyone!

So I have super cool news! This spring, I have five devotionals I wrote coming out in a book called Blissfully Blended (a compilation of many different devos/authors). I wrote the devos over a year ago and the book is close to being complete. I found it online:


If you download a sample (the read inside link), the first 25 devos are printed and mine is day 10!!!! (wow! I'm super happy about that!!!) I have four others that are going in the book.

I have the chance to be in another book for this company - Heavenly Humor for the Chocolate Lover's Soul. I have to write two samples and then if they choose mine I could get published and maybe write more stories. I'll keep you posted and if they aren't chosen, I can always post them here for you to read. :)

Once these type of writing opportunities come around, it gets my mind thinking in that direction. I've tossed around this book title for a while: Everything I Need to Know About Life... I Learned From My Dog. Here's a glimpse of what would be inside:

1. Be persistent.
No matter how many times you push Tucker's paws off the counter, table, bed, or sofa, he always jumps back up again. No matter how many times you tell him "no, you can't have any of my dinner," he'll still push his nose up to your plate in hopes he can get a morsel or a lick of anything good. And if he sits still long enough and tilts his head just so, he can almost guarantee himself some type of treat or goodie. Life deserves that kind of persistence.

2. Be joyful.
No matter how long Erik and I leave Tucker in his cage, I have never once walked up to let him out and seen him sad, mad, or upset. His tail is always wagging when he knows he gets to come out and play. Plus, no matter how bleak or upsetting situations can get in life, we can always look to our dog and I guarantee we'll be smiling in moments. Their joyfulness is infectious... and ours should be too. Not because we can put on a fake smile, but because we have a deep joyfulness knowing what Jesus has done for us.

3. Love people.
Every time someone comes to our door, Tucker freaks out. He jumps on them, wags his whole behind (not just his tail!), and pants ecstatically as he welcomes them to our home. (Sorry to all those who have experienced it!) I'm certainly not recommending loving people to the extent that you freak them out or make them nervous, but always, always love people in a crazy, wonderful way, where they can't help but wonder where you get that kind of love. (Hint: it's from Jesus!)

4. Love your master.
Tucker knows Erik and I. As his masters, he loves being by us and cuddling with us. Every time he sees us, he gets happy. We should be the same with our Master and Lord, God.

5. Mark your territory.
Tucker is 10 months old. Since he could barely walk, he instinctively marked his territory wherever he went. I usually roll my eyes and groan, but one morning I took notice as he marked almost every driveway, sidewalk, mailbox, and stake in the ground he went by. He wants people to know where he's been. How much more should we do that as Christians? We should leave a recognizable mark behind in every place we've been: lives changed, new souls for the kingdoms, attitudes reversed.

I'm sure I can come up with more as I watch and learn from my 10-month old puppy. For now, I better go make dinner.

Smiles all around. :-)