Thursday, December 6, 2018

Lauren Daigle, Carrie Underwood, and Christianity

So, there's a lot of talk about Lauren Daigle and her response on some media show to their question about homosexuality. She didn't give the most biblical answer... and it reminded me of when Carrie Underwood didn't give the most biblical answer on this either... but I still fully stand behind both of them as beautiful Christian lights in a dark world. 

You probably have already developed your opinion on this, but I thought I'd share another perspective to think about.... 

These ladies may know the Bible truth about homosexuality, but are unsure of how to approach it in a public setting without offending people who could be reached with the Gospel... I certainly don't agree with their responses, but I also want to give them grace for their response. I don't like how so many people from the church are criticizing them so harshly. 

Christians need to support our people, not necessarily their answers. Erik and I were talking about how we might answer that question in a public setting - hopefully, we'd be bold enough to say, that isn't a core tenet of my belief system, but I do have an opinion on it. You are welcome to go to the Bible and form an answer for yourself... or something like that. 

I also saw something about how Ellen chatted with Lauren Daigle (before the comment), and she gave her really good advice about being in the public eye - basically, keep going and persevere because you have the potential to have longevity in the music industry - and that was the day Lauren sang an overtly Christian song on Ellen's show. It's embarrassing that the church is the one that Lauren has to persevere through right now. :-( 

All that to say, I was super bummed when Carrie commented on this a few years ago with another answer I disagree with, but I still think Carrie is a rock-solid example of a Christian in an industry that needs people to shine a light for Jesus. Lauren is just getting into that industry, and hopefully she can have thick skin through this. She is doing the best she can, most likely, in how to represent Jesus in the secular industry... and I don't think she ever expected to be in that secular industry! I think it was a surprise that her music crossed over, so she's probably still figuring all this out. 

I still am black and white about homosexuality. I just realize that people have to be so careful about the words they speak nowadays, maybe because I am in the writing industry and have to over-analyze things. If Lauren had said homosexuality was a sin, she may have been shunned from the secular arena and never been able to witness again... but she said she didn't know if it was a sin, and now the Christian community is condemning her. Rough spot. I understand standing up for the Bible, but what about spreading Jesus' name to those who need it. **insert advertisement here for Andy Stanley's book, Irresistible! I am not sure I agree with everything in it, but there is SO much good stuff about what our focus as Christians should be: our Savior and His resurrection and making that relatable for people who don't know Him!**

Lauren Daigle --and other Christians like Carrie Underwood-- need our support, not necessarily for their doctrinal answers, but for their platform in a world that needs Jesus.