Sunday, September 1, 2013

so you want me to believe like you do?

To all the people out there who would like to convince me that I'm believing wrong, 

Before I give you a few tips on how you can get me to change my beliefs, let me point out this. You won't change my beliefs. I have based my beliefs, as best as I know how, on the Word of God. The only person who can change that is... oh wait, they're not going to change. There is absolutely nothing you can do or say that will change what I believe because I believe I have my foundation in the right place (the Word). 

I have a feeling you probably feel the same way... you are settled in what you believe and your beliefs are not open for discussion. In fact, you are so passionate about what you believe, you are trying to convince me and others like me that I am wrong. 

The problem is, you're going about it the wrong way. Here's what I mean: 

1. Throwing out rude accusations and pointing fingers at why this and this and this in my belief system is wrong isn't going to make me suddenly go, "Oh my goodness, why didn't I think of that?"

2. Pushy behavior and antics are annoying. My beliefs have developed over a lifetime of learning and experience, and a Facebook or blog post about your beliefs or you contradicting my beliefs directly won't make me suddenly decide I'm wrong.

3. Have you ever tried to legitimately listen to my beliefs without preconceived ideas of what I think? Too many times, you come at me and say, "Here's my biblical proof! How dare you believe anything different because I am right!" Yes, I'm guilty of coming back at you with my biblical proof and my own preconceived ideas just to show you my proof, but I've learned that you're not going to listen to me just like I'm not going to listen to you because we're already set in our beliefs. 

4. Perhaps the best way you can win me to your point of view, if you really think I am desperately in need of a belief change, is by living a life that makes me want to become like you or wonder what made you that way... and then if I come across a situation where my belief system isn't working for some reason, I can come ask you questions and approach you personally. Then, and only then, would I be open to change. 

There you go. Don't waste your time by trying to verbally convince me or other people who believe differently than you to change our beliefs, unless we are specifically asking you for your opinion and reasons why you believe what you believe. Make people want to get to know what you believe by the way you live, not because of your smooth talking words. 

Someone who is tired of the arguing

Brayden update - 19.5 months

Wow. I thought I'd be blogging a lot more, like I did last time during my pregnancy, but this is a completely different season of life! This time I have a little munchkin around who would love to watch VeggieTales on my computer any time he sees me on it! That means my time on the computer is limited... and when I do have it open, I am working!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was filled with special memories including Brayden taking his nap next to me on the couch.

Awwwww! Love it! And I think that's graham cracker or peanut butter on his cheek...

Then I saw this pic on my phone from just a few months after he was born.

He's changed a lot, yet he still has his look... similar pics yet different, you know? You probably know that from your family and maybe even your own pictures how much looks changes... and yet still stay the same over time!

We also made fun birthday memories earlier this week at Red Robin. Erik and I share the same birthday month so we both get free burgers when we eat at Red Robin. It's one of my favorite meals that I walk out feeling extra full from... awesome burger, unlimited fries, onion rings, and freckled (strawberry) lemonade. Oh, and a birthday sundae, if you dare to leave room for that.

I asked for a Red Robin balloon for Brayden on the way out. Brayden was pretty intrigued by it until the RR employee put it on his wrist (so he wouldn't lose it). He started to cry! Very upset, although we couldn't figure out why. I held it until we got in the car. Once he was in his carseat, I passed it back to him, and then he realized the wonders of this thing called a balloon... you can bat it, shake it, play with it... he loved it then! Erik held onto it with Brayden while we walked indoors so we didn't have a lose-your-balloon-to-the-sky episode. Then Brayden walked around proudly with it inside. He was upset when it floated to the ceiling a few times, but Erik rescued it.

Brayden was pretty stumped in the morning though when the balloon was no longer in the air and would not float above him, but only dragged on the floor behind him. Once he got over the intrigue of the situation, he walked around with it proudly trailing behind him.

Love that boy. So much fun to watch him discover things!

He doesn't like when he doesn't get things he wants...

He also has a new squinty-eyed smile that is adorable...

All for now! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

P.s. I'm just a couple days away from halfway through this pregnancy. All is going well. Doc appointment this week to take a peek at baby, although we're going to keep the surprise of boy/girl until January. Excited!