Monday, July 4, 2016

an easy, on-the-go Independence Day lunch

Happy birthday, America!

I have been blessed to study more about our founding fathers and founding documents and I am very grateful for all those men have given to ensure a solid foundation for our country. Thank you, Lord!

Today we got to celebrate at home with family. It was really nice! That's really a few of the best parts of life... Celebrating God's goodness, being with family and being outside.

We went fishing with my in-laws over lunch. Since it was a last minute decision I had to convert our plans for taco salad into something travel worthy for eating on the boat. 

You may be able to guess my solution... Walking tacos!

I had fun planning this. I grabbed a ziplock bag for everyone and put in some chips and shredded cheese and a plastic fork.

Then I cut up a container of cherry tomatoes (on sale at Aldi!) and made a bag of shredded lettuce. Last was the ground beef. Well, technically I cooked that first, let it cool and then put it in a Tupperware. Lastly, I threw in an unopened medium taco sauce into my lunch backpack. 

When time came, I took out the fork and threw the ingredients in the bags. 

Next came a small amount of taco sauce. 

Next came the crushing and shaking up... Then eating!!!

It was a hit with everyone but our two-year-old... He didn't love the lettuce. Ate a bunch of everything else. 

When the sun poked out from the clouds, the boys decided they needed shade. 😀

Cleanup was easy... Just zipped the bags closed and threw it all back in my backpack!

Overall, a huge success! Definitely a future alternative to sandwiches! 

Anyhoo... I am forever grateful for the opportunity to freely be with my family and celebrate all God has given us! 

Happy Independence Day, America!