Friday, April 2, 2010

post surgery update

So a lot of you may have followed the general facebook updates about Erik's surgery. If so, you know he's doing okay. :) The day of the surgery was pretty up and down because the surgery itself went as well as can be expected but Erik went into an irregular heartbeat later in the day and that really bummed him out. That's what the surgery is supposed to fix, but since his heart just got burned, it's susceptible to going irregular in the first few months.

If you don't really understand it all, that's okay!! It's a complicated thing. It was funny because the doctor said he'd sometimes rather be doing angioplasties so he could simply come out after a surgery and said, Yep, we opened the clogged artery, end of story. The electrical map of the heart gets more complicated and harder to explain.

Anyhoo, all that to say, we're on the road to recovery. :) Emotional ups and downs, but we will make it through. It's made me once again realize how important it is to have friends surrounding you. A lot of times Wednesday, I felt like I was just existing, and the only thing I could do was rely on people around me. So if you ever know someone going through a rough patch, offer to make them dinner, bring them flowers, write them a note, let them know you care... I know it helps!!!!

Right now I'm listening to a friend of ours give us a preview of his band's original songs and I like the songs a lot! We're getting the acoustic version (Erik and I at our house - yay!); the actual song is with electric guitar, drums, and all that. The band is called Catylyst. Our buddy is Danny Ebling and their website is They just started recently but looks like things are coming along nicely for them, which is awesome to hear! They are heading into the studio tomorrow to record two songs (the ones we just heard).

Easter weekend. Yay! What a special celebration. :) I love the hope we celebrate. Such wonder! Thank you, Lord, for your beauty and grace and the redeeming power You gave to us to many years ago! It's wonderful to be with family and celebrate. We're hoping to head over to see Erik's family, but it will be dependent on how he feels tomorrow. (Our plan today has been rest, rest, rest!)

Have a wonderful Easter with your family!