Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's time to pray...

I love this picture. There's something so beautiful about the fact that everything stopped on this night so they could pray. I want my prayers to be the same way... concentrated time with Him with the sweet innocence of a child. :-) 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

then vs. now

I feel like at least 10 other ladies are pregnant right now. No, maybe it's closer to 20! Part of me thinks 20 is an exaggeration, but the other part says, "No, you could be right!"

Well, I happen to be at the age and time period where I know a lot of people having babies!!! It's really not that easy watching other people go through pregnancy -- and if you are one of the other people going through pregnancy, IT'S OKAY!!!! :-) (That's me emphasizing it for good measure!) I'm really excited for you. I just have a little ache inside where I wish I was still in a similar place as you.

Okay, the reason I said all that wasn't to conjure up any sympathy or tears... I'm at a point where part of me  can't imagine having a kid right now because I am so busy! I can't even think about what would happen with a kid and/or a preggo belly! 

I told my best girlfriend this and she said, "If you were pregnant, life would be different. You wouldn't be as busy. You are busy, though, because God knew you needed something to keep you moving so you wouldn't sit and mope."

Okay, I'm not quoting her exactly, but you get the idea. That helped me a lot. I have had questions like, Did God take Brody early because He needed me to do what I'm doing now and I couldn't do it with Brody here? No, He didn't! Since Brody went to Jesus early and since I was planning on being busy during the winter with pregnancy things, God gave me a new plan for the winter to stay busy with other things that weren't pregnancy related.

If Brody was still in my tummy, the things I am taking care of right now would (a.) not be necessary or (b.) be getting done by someone else.

God is the Master Architect. I don't always understand what that looks like or what that means, but He takes care of me and I do my best to continue to trust His plan and His hand working in my life and the lives around me. Although I'm a little nervous for it, I am super excited for the day when I'll be preggo again, but until then, I'll follow God's plan for me right now. He's paved a path for me that is good and I will walk in it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines day!

Some of you have probably seen these pictures before, but since Tuck and I had a mini photo session to get his valentine picture just right today, I thought I'd put a collage of all of Tuck's pictures with glasses on my blog to bring you a smile today. :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

tucker, santa, and the future

You know, I assumed keeping baby stuff around me would be really difficult, but on a whim a few months, I decided to not take down my little collection of presents Brody had already accumulated.

It's in a room I'm not in all that often so it has actually become a good thing for me. It's a reminder of the future - one day Erik and I will have a baby to fill these clothes. I look at it and think, "One day," and then I smile. I also think, "Goodness, Brody has already learned how to share. He's such a good boy!"

The one potential problem with where they are currently positioned... they are on a shelf at Tucker's eye level. Every once in a while, when I'm in the room, Tucker will come and look longingly at the giraffes. I know he wishes they were his. But if you've seen what Tuck does to stuffed animals, you know these will never be his.

Case in point... this is a $2 Santa toy from the dog store. It was on sale. I decided to let him have at it....

And that was just after a few hours... this is santa now....

Nope. Hopefully those giraffes will always be safely in my future kids' arms or in their toy box. :-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Congrats to a Classy Team

About 7-8 years ago, I remember listening to Chuck and Jon on the morning show at KTIS. They often played a song during football season "When a Vikings and a Packers fan fall in love" or something to that effect. I thought, That's a funny thing to sing about. Is that really a big deal?

Of course, as the way life goes, I - a Vikings fan - wound up marrying an avid Packers fan a few years later.

Funny how that works!

Two things have worked in our benefit. First, Erik is a Favre fan. He enjoys watching him play the game, so he's actually eased over to cheering for the Vikings - when they aren't playing Green Bay. Secondly, I like the idea of cheering for the team my husband likes and, as a result, I have grown to like the Packers as a team and the players on the team.

All that to say, this football marriage works nicely as we've both come to cheer on the other's team. Plus, one of our teams just won the Super Bowl!!!! (This was my first time watching a Super Bowl where I actually was a fan of one of the teams and really wanted one to win... insert Vikings comment here if you want - I will still remain a fan!)

I could write plenty of stories about the adversity the Packers overcame to win it all, the leaders on the team, the way the team members stepped up to support one another as they dealt with a lot of injured players, or the confidence they had approaching the season and the Super Bowl. All of them contain good lessons we can learn from as Christians.

What I do want to point out is something a reporter said about Aaron Rodgers. Erik's told me that Rodgers is a Christian. From the way he's handling everything and the fact that one of the people who coached him on the Super Bowl was Kurt Warner... I would guess that's a reality. This statement in an article caught my eye and confirmed those suspicions.

"...Did I mention that Pittsburgh has the best defense in football? Still, Sunday saw Rodgers join Kurt Warner as only the second quarterback to throw for 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns in a single postseason.

"And like Warner, Rodgers can do religion without being preachy.

“I don’t think He really cares who wins or loses,” Rodgers said."

(Click here for the full article.)

You know what I love about that? That Warner and Rodgers are in a class of their own and that "Rodgers [and Warner] can do religion without being preachy." The author recognizes that both are Christians, but people around them aren't put off by it. That's huge. Altogether too many Christians are preachy in their religion--and even in their lifestyles--to the point where no one wants to be around them.

I like the example that Rodgers and Warner provide for us as Christians in a very secular arena. In fact, Rodgers even said in his Letterman interview (which I saw on YouTube), that his type of leadership is to "lead by example."

I'd venture to guess there are more Christians on the Packers team. I think that's an extra reason why I'm happy with them winning this year. Kudos to them on a great year and here's to hoping for another great season. :-)

By the way, if you want to know my thoughts on Kurt Warner living as a Christian in a secular world, here's one of my blog posts from last fall. Enjoy!

Oh and thank you again to Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, and other Christians who are going their best to live for Jesus in the middle of the public spotlight. You are making an impact in this world.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the strength God provides

We've all prayed that prayer: "Lord, give me strength."

Today I was reminded of the kind of strength He gives:

I ask him to strengthen you by his Spirit—not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength—that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite him in. (Eph. 3:15, Msg.)

We pray that you'll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul—not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us. (Col. 1:11-12, Msg.)

Now that's a good kind of strength, isn't it?


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the beauty in every season

So I had another pouting moment this morning about the fact that I don't have a baby on the way like I was supposed to. It wasn't too terribly long of a pout; I decided it shouldn't be. Within an hour or so, I then remembered one of my favorite conversations ever. I had it with my friend who had been married around 6-7 years at the time. I was single. It was a friendly debate over who had it better: marrieds or singles. It went something like this...

Amy: Well, I have someone I can come home to.
Laura: I can do whatever I want whenever I want without checking in with anyone.
Amy: I have two incomes.
Laura: I don't have to get someone's okay before splurging on something.

It went on for at least another 2-3 rounds. I don't remember the other arguments, but here are a few possible other ones...
Amy: I have multiple Christmas dinners.
Laura: I don't have to buy presents for multiple families.
Amy: I get a tax break.
Laura: No one else is spending my money

You get the idea. Every stage of life has its benefits. Today I've been remembering why my life is so beautiful right now. I don't have kids (here on earth) but I do have an amazing husband and we can spend more quality time together without the extra time element of kids.

If you have kids right now, the beauty in your life is the smile on their faces and the joy each one brings you. The beauty in my life right now is that I'm not up in the night with a sleepless child or dealing with tantrums in the middle of Target or spending money on kids' needs.

I know, every parent is thinking, "It's worth it!" ... and it is! I thoroughly believe you. But it's also good for everyone in the various stages of life to remember there is beauty in every "season."

Singles - you are in a good place in life right now. Enjoy it!
Marrieds - you are in a good place in life right now. Enjoy it!
Marrieds w/kids - you are in a good place in life right now. Enjoy it!
Empty Nesters - you are in a good place in life right now. Enjoy it!

You will always be able to find an argument as to why another stage in life is better, but I think that's pretty foolish. If you're only wishing for what you don't have, you'll never enjoy what you do have.

Today has been my reminder that although Erik and I thought we'd be heading into the kid phase in a few months, we're not, and that's okay. That means we have another chunk of time to enjoy being just married. And that's a good thing.