Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DIY: another place for DVDs and CDs

It's been a while! Two kiddos keeps me on my toes and off my blog! :-)

Much has happened with them... B is talking up a storm; repeating us (we learn what we say most often!); loving books, Thomas, Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. J is just getting his top two teeth in, army crawls around, pulls himself to standing, loves eating anything except doesn't seem to love peas.

A few pics of adventures...

Learning about engines (which he calls 'Thomas')

Look what B found while dad was working on a project!

Climbing everywhere and anywhere, including between the tabletop and glass shelf

a favorite view when grocery shopping

In home land, Erik did another DIY shelf for me. For those of you who have visited the house, you know the area above our fireplace has just been a "junk" shelf and collecting random things over the years. Well, it finally looks great! What happened? Brayden had dug in the DVD and CD drawers one too many times (they were right at floor level), so we finally put toys in there and moved the CDs and DVDs... but I had no place to put them, so I asked Erik to make a shelf that could go above the fireplace. I thought he'd do something like what he had done previously, but he was way more creative than that. I couldn't have imagined the final result... fits all our stuff and looks fantastic!

Love anything that helps keep us organized and make our house look better!