Wednesday, August 13, 2014

homemade organization projects

My husband deserves a shout out! He has made me a bunch of homemade projects to help organize our home that I would have spent lots of money on in the stores. I love them so much I wanted to share!

Here's the first one. I got directions for how to make this online - it's a DIY Pottery Barn mail organizer. As you can see, I've filled it up nicely. Mail often ends up on the table or somewhere to make a mess... now at least it is a mess in the wall. I love it!

The next one is our shoe organizer. I was looking at our square space just inside the front door. I noticed our shoes never made it to the organizer in the closer. Instead of making another effort to put them in the closet, Erik and I thought a homemade shoe organizer would be nice. Erik based this off one he saw on google images, I think, and used some legs off a sewing machine table we were not going to use. That provided the four main framing pieces. I love the look and yes, this one we are actually using! It looks cool and helps keep the entryway more picked up.

Here's the lastest... just finished last night. I requested one, but Erik found a place for and made two! I would totally buy these if I saw them at Target. The idea came to fill Mason jars with B's art supplies... then they were sitting on the counter by the toaster oven... then the shelf idea came... and look what Erik came up with. I absolutely love them! They are on parallel walls in the hallway and kitchen, so they look splendid. Closeups of the Mason jars would show sidewalk chalk, crayons, markers, sharpies, etc.

Thanks to my honey for making these! They are proving useful and they look fantastic!