Saturday, April 14, 2018

God works during snowstorms and canceled church services!

So a twice-in-a-lifetime event happened today. Church was canceled. My church has only been canceled once... maybe a few more?... in its 30+ years of existence. So to have it canceled for blizzard conditions on April 14 is just weird. Everyone in our state is so over the snow! It's kinda funny.

Ironically enough, right as soon as I found out about service being canceled, my husband says he's going out in the snow to run an errand!! Really? I wasn't super happy about it, but I know he is a good safe winter driver and he has a truck, which helps a lot!

Since I had planned to be online for 5 p.m. service as a church host (check us out sometime - during our weekend services!!), my night opened up. I randomly decided if it was going to be a blizzard we should get pizza and if Erik was going out for an errand, he could pick it up. Oddly enough, I wasn't super in the mood for pizza and I know it's not the healthiest and I was okay making dinner, so I was ready to make the "right" decision and change plans. However, I stuck with my gut and figured we should just do it.

So Erik ran his errand and then went to get pizza at Papa Murphys. While there, he finds out that one of their employees is stuck in the snow. He happens to drive by the stuck car on his way out, and so he decides to help. He directs/helps the employees who were trying to get the car unstuck so they knew where to shovel. Eventually, the car got unstuck. He volunteered to follow the girl driving out of the parking lot in case she got stuck again and she did. He helped again. As they chatted after that, Erik asked if she lived close and if someone could just come get her so she wouldn't get stuck on the way home and she said her dad could. She then started to cry, overwhelmed and grateful and wondering why Erik helped her and Erik said, You know, if this happened to my daughter, I would want someone to help her as well. He helped her get her car safely into a parking spot until her dad came.

Oh and the people in Papa Murphys wanted to make sure Erik got a little something for helping and they gave him a free pizza coupon and free cookie dough. Bonus!

Anyway, shout out to my hubby for helping... and shout out to God for being the kind of God who orchestrates a string of events to help someone in need. Very grateful. He is a good God. ... and He brought me an amazing, kind, helpful husband who cares about people.