Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seven and a half months!

I'm loving watching Brayden grow!! He changes quickly and so much is happening in his little world as he figures this big world out. So fun to watch. He is a really good boy. For example, in the mornings, he wakes up and plays in his crib. I wake up only when he jabbers in his crib while playing. This morning, I woke to Erik's alarm, and thought Brayden might be sleeping, but I peeked inside and he was sitting up in his crib just hanging out. 

The big question now seems to be "Is he crawling?" Well, not yet. But he scoots, rolls, pulls himself up, walks around the edge of his little piano and a little table toy that he has. He's maybe not the most pumped about crawling, but we're working on it because Erik and I think it's important he learns how to crawl before walking. 

Last night I wrapped up two photo books from Shutterfly of family pictures. Here are a few.

Daddy and his little buddy... I love this one! And gotta love the camo jammies!

Brayden and Tucker

Daddy and Brayden watching fireworks.

Can you even see Brayden? All that camo...

This was our Easter pic from 2012. I love it!

My 92-year-old grandpa and Brayden. LOVE this pic... and kudos to my hubby for catching the moment!

Have a blessed day!