Thursday, July 17, 2014

summer pics of the boys

It's that time again! Dump the pics on my phone onto my "scrapbook" of a blog. Most pics below are Jase, but B is at the beginning and ending. They are at such a fun stage right now individually and together! 

The easiest way to get the raisins out of \cereal... dump, find, and eat!

At the park. Love! 

J has been rolling like crazy and even army crawling/scooting this past month. He rolls and rolls and rolls until he gets stuck, tired, or picked up off the ground.

Ahhhh... love. :-)

Great grandma Carol (just turned 90) and Jase (six months)

boy in blue

They were not in the same crib when I put them down for a nap separately., but this is how they ended up! (cribs are right next to each other)