Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shutterfly update... pics of the family!

Today I got another bright orange box in the mail. If you haven't gotten one yet, I highly encourage you to check out Shutterfly! Every time you get a bright orange package, you have family memories coming your way in a unique form.

This time it was another book. I was catching up on winter/spring of this year, so I had a lot of fun as I pulled pictures together. I consider this my scrapbook for the kids!

Here's a peek:

8x8 photo book is the one I most commonly get; I always try to remember to label the spine with the time of the year the book covers. This time it was "winter/spring 2015."

Occasionally I love putting pages in my book that are all photos. Sometimes on the page before or after I'll have a note describing the event. This time it is picture of our boys birthday and the cakes we made for them! (top left and bottom right) 

I liked this particular style because I could put a bunch of pics on a page and then there was plenty of room for text/description. Erik and I tried to write a bunch of fun things about the boys that we will love to remember years down the road!

This isn't the only Shutterfly package I have at home right now. My grandma's 91st birthday is Saturday, and I thought a mug was a nice choice... that's something I like getting for grandparents who like coffee! One grandma has gotten a new mug every year for the past three Christmases!

Mugs are an easy and practical way to give pictures to family members!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share. I love the accomplishment of getting photos printed and memories documented and sharing them with others. :-) Thought you may like it too. 

The boys are doing awesome right now. Such a fun stage... Glad it's summer and we can always get outside!

All for now!