Saturday, January 17, 2015

My boys are 3 and 1!

Happy birthday to my boys! Last Sunday (1/11), they both turned a year older... for Jase, that means 1 and Brayden, 3.

As you can imagine, there's much I could say right now... but for now, I want to show you what I got in the mail. On the right is a picture of Brayden at 1, which I've had for a couple years. He was in the middle of eating his one-year-old birthday cupcake... I love this pic... he's just a-staring at the camera. I thought I might get a similar pic during Jase's one-year cupcake celebration, but didn't, so I printed this one instead (and just got it in the mail!)... one of my favorites of him smiling in the bath! Although they often look alike, I think these pics show their differences.

Now, here's the cool thing... Shutterfly always has fun credits, coupons, and freebies that they send to their email list or have on the Facebook page. I definitely recommend signing up for their email and following them on Facebook to see what they are offering. (By the way, if they do offer you a free gift, you cover shipping, which usually isn't too bad compared to what you are getting!)... I often take them up on it, partially because it's a great way to make sure I actually take the time print pictures and/or make photo gifts. I use them a whole lot around Christmas. 

These pics I have pictured are "desktop plaques" and I've actually given them for gifts as well as purchased these two and I love them! They are frameless... just the picture with a nice shiny finish. I would highly recommend them! Great gifts and great to have around the house. 

Anyhoo... hopefully I'll take the chance soon to share more stories about the boys. Until then... go make memories yourself. Life is beautiful, crazy, and definitely worth living... and yes, it's all with God at the center, as best as possible. :-)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just for fun... a few comparisons of Christmas pictures!!!

It all began with Brayden in 2012.... I do love this picture. :-)

He did way better the next year, 2013, although the picture actually isn't in the chair, since he didn't want to sit on Santa's lap!

Drumroll please... the boys in 2014! They had each other, so they did awesome! Super proud... and yes, compare 2012 and 2014... J and B wore the same outfit and I think they look super alike! Fun! 

Anyhoo... fun memories. I am treasuring Christmas this year with two little buddies to enjoy it with. B is learning all about "Bible Jesus, Jofus, Mary, sheepies, shepherds, and wise men." Happy birthday to Jesus and Merry Christmas to all!!! Such a wonderful time of year.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

happy birthday to my littlest!

Happy birthday, Brody!

You're my oldest, yet my littlest... but I am pretty sure, you're only little in my memory. You're much bigger, I imagine. Maybe you're already an adult in heaven or maybe you're growing up in heaven and today you're celebrating your four-year-old birthday! I don't know, but I like imagining what life is like for you up there as we remember meeting you four years ago.

I have been looking forward to today with excitement because it's a chance to celebrate and remember you all day long. Then last night, I got choked up remembering, which I knew would happen,... and I think all that is healthy. You're my baby and I love remembering you, but I do wish you were here... but then I know that Brayden may not be here due to logistics if you were here... so crazy how that works out. God has helped us remain content with loving you up in heaven and providing two new brothers down here on earth. I'm content that you're mine and Erik's, no matter what.

I have a box of your things and a box of cards people sent to us when you went home with Jesus. I wanted to share some of that with these people who are reading about you....

First, you were only a little less than a pound and a little less than a foot when you were born at 21 weeks. Your card and your footprints are below. You were perfectly formed and have everything right about you. You lived outside of me for a little less than an hour. You were perfectly formed and it was amazing to see that you were a perfect human being, every part in place, just tinier than everyone else.

Here is your bib that my cousin, Summer, made for you. I love it because it's personalized. That is your hat from the hospital, which fit your head perfectly. You had a little knit wrap to match. A big thank you to the people who made and donated those clothes to the hospital.

One of the biggest lessons you showed me and I will share again and again to the world is that you were fully formed and a beautiful baby at such a young age. You were just a few weeks shy of when that hospital would put you in the NICU. Although I sometimes have mixed feelings about being so close to having you survive, it's okay now. You're in an amazing place with Jesus and God has blessed us abundantly with your brothers. ... and I'm SUPER excited to be reunited with you and have your brothers meet you!

So today, we remember and celebrate your beautiful life. You've taught us so much and we've learned about trusting God through everything... and are still working on it quite a lot.

Love you so much and I am so excited to meet you, see who you look like, get to know your personality, and spend eternity worshipping Jesus with you! Happy birthday!

P.S. I can't believe it is four years already!

Love, Mommy

Sunday, November 9, 2014

loving life with these little ones!

I have thought about writing so many times, but remembering to post to my blog at the same time I have free time seems next to impossible! So since I just sent another Shutterfly photobook to print, I figured I'd take the opportunity to share pictures with you. :-) 

J will be 10 months this week and B will be 2 years and 10 months. They are really wonderful boys... B is talking up a storm, learning all the time. I'm enjoying teaching him letters, numbers, colors, etc. He loves Thomas the train and Lightning McQueen. Just the other day, I found out he likes clouds. Random thoughts from B while sitting in his carseat!

J is climbing stairs, crawling, and moving around as much as possible on two feet, although still a bit wobbly (that will change soon, I know!). He is starting to babble and not just when he's tired. Both Erik and I have heard him say "Dada" and "Mama"... He has five teeth and is super smiley. 

J often uses Dad's beard to hoist himself up... not Dad's favorite because it hurts when J pulls on it! 

Mommy and J were at the library. Happy boy!

J eats bananas, sweet potatoes, and other small, mushy cut up food.

For a costume party, the boys put on their jammies and went as Superman and Batman. Capes included.

The other costumes for this year... B took his off five minutes after this photo! 

Tent time! Love that smile!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DIY: another place for DVDs and CDs

It's been a while! Two kiddos keeps me on my toes and off my blog! :-)

Much has happened with them... B is talking up a storm; repeating us (we learn what we say most often!); loving books, Thomas, Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. J is just getting his top two teeth in, army crawls around, pulls himself to standing, loves eating anything except doesn't seem to love peas.

A few pics of adventures...

Learning about engines (which he calls 'Thomas')

Look what B found while dad was working on a project!

Climbing everywhere and anywhere, including between the tabletop and glass shelf

a favorite view when grocery shopping

In home land, Erik did another DIY shelf for me. For those of you who have visited the house, you know the area above our fireplace has just been a "junk" shelf and collecting random things over the years. Well, it finally looks great! What happened? Brayden had dug in the DVD and CD drawers one too many times (they were right at floor level), so we finally put toys in there and moved the CDs and DVDs... but I had no place to put them, so I asked Erik to make a shelf that could go above the fireplace. I thought he'd do something like what he had done previously, but he was way more creative than that. I couldn't have imagined the final result... fits all our stuff and looks fantastic!

Love anything that helps keep us organized and make our house look better!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

homemade organization projects

My husband deserves a shout out! He has made me a bunch of homemade projects to help organize our home that I would have spent lots of money on in the stores. I love them so much I wanted to share!

Here's the first one. I got directions for how to make this online - it's a DIY Pottery Barn mail organizer. As you can see, I've filled it up nicely. Mail often ends up on the table or somewhere to make a mess... now at least it is a mess in the wall. I love it!

The next one is our shoe organizer. I was looking at our square space just inside the front door. I noticed our shoes never made it to the organizer in the closer. Instead of making another effort to put them in the closet, Erik and I thought a homemade shoe organizer would be nice. Erik based this off one he saw on google images, I think, and used some legs off a sewing machine table we were not going to use. That provided the four main framing pieces. I love the look and yes, this one we are actually using! It looks cool and helps keep the entryway more picked up.

Here's the lastest... just finished last night. I requested one, but Erik found a place for and made two! I would totally buy these if I saw them at Target. The idea came to fill Mason jars with B's art supplies... then they were sitting on the counter by the toaster oven... then the shelf idea came... and look what Erik came up with. I absolutely love them! They are on parallel walls in the hallway and kitchen, so they look splendid. Closeups of the Mason jars would show sidewalk chalk, crayons, markers, sharpies, etc.

Thanks to my honey for making these! They are proving useful and they look fantastic!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

summer pics of the boys

It's that time again! Dump the pics on my phone onto my "scrapbook" of a blog. Most pics below are Jase, but B is at the beginning and ending. They are at such a fun stage right now individually and together! 

The easiest way to get the raisins out of \cereal... dump, find, and eat!

At the park. Love! 

J has been rolling like crazy and even army crawling/scooting this past month. He rolls and rolls and rolls until he gets stuck, tired, or picked up off the ground.

Ahhhh... love. :-)

Great grandma Carol (just turned 90) and Jase (six months)

boy in blue

They were not in the same crib when I put them down for a nap separately., but this is how they ended up! (cribs are right next to each other)