Tuesday, October 6, 2009

day 2 after our new life

This stinks.

I hate waking up and knowing my big brother is gone. He was such an amazing man, it's awful that he got sick, especially when he seemed so healthy. At this point, I'm glad he's no longer in such pain, but I really miss the normalcy that came before all this junk started. It stinks knowing that our lives on this earth has been forever altered. I'm glad I'm a Christian and know he's with Jesus; I can't imagine life without that hope.

It always makes me smile when I think, Yeah Brian is now the lucky one.

It also gives a whole new meaning to tragedy and when you see other people walk through something similar to what you're walking through. Every situation is new and you never know quite what to say or do since there aren't adequate words, but it definitely gives you more understanding for hurt and pain.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Technology brings the support of family and friends to a whole new level. Please keep my parents and grandparents (I still have all four!) in your prayers. I can't imagine what they're going through with the injustice of the situation.

I'm honored to be Brian's sister, and proud of his legacy.

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  1. Laura -
    We continue to pray for you and your family.
    I know I can't even begin to understand what you're going through, but my hearts aches at the thought of it all.
    I am SO blessed that we have such a faithful Father to comfort you (and all of us) in EVERY situation in life. He is everything we need...

    I read the tribute you wrote to your brother on Cristina's blog - you brought such honor to your brother and your family. You wrote it SO very well...

    As always, if I can do anything to help, please let me know. For now, I will just kiss and hug sweet Julia for all of you! :)