Monday, March 8, 2010

One Year Later

fHey Everyone,

I'm writing from sunny Florida today! Erik and I are celebrating our one year anniversary down here and having a wonderful time. I'm writing with the touch of sun on my cheeks after an afternoon at the beach, getting ready to go eat with my relatives whose vacation happens to coincide with ours!

Good news! My writing for a second book to contribute to got accepted! They also asked for one more, so three of my stories will be published in the book "Heavenly Humor for the Chocolate Lover's Soul." Along with that, I'm excited because I included the url to this blog in my bio, so if people are curious and like what they read, they can come find out more about me and my writings on this page. So you might see more stuff pop up on this blog as I get it ready for random people to view it!!! :-)

Oh I have more thoughts to add from my book idea Everything I Ever Needed to Know About God, I Learned From My Dog. (I need to work on shortening that title...)

Erik and I are looking forward to this new year of marriage. We're already saying, this next year will be the best one of our lives.

All for now. Hugs~

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