Monday, August 16, 2010

dead sea scrolls

Erik and I just visited the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Science Museum that was pretty cool to see. In addition to lots of history and information about the people and places surrounding the scrolls, we saw five portions of the scrolls themselves. Pretty sweet! Oh and a virtual tour of the temple.

It makes me think about Scripture and how amazing it is that the Bible came to be the 66 books it is today. Multiple other books exist that were written around that same time, yet God led people to group together a specific few. Pretty cool.

God's Scriptures are amazing. They've been speaking to people for generations and will continue to speak for generations to come. They speak truth. They speak light. They speak intrigue and mysteries. They solve mysteries. The beauty of the Word is that we can't fully understand it, but God sheds light into our hearts the meaning behind the words every time we read it and open our heart to Him.

By the way, if you haven't yet seen the exhibit, here's a link to a coupon. You go through the exhibit at your own pace. I'd suggest estimating two hours at least.

Enjoy discovering God's Word. :)

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