Thursday, October 31, 2013

hallelujah harvest 2013

Hi there!

This year, Brayden got to be a part of our church's annual Hallelujah Harvest. He got a little roasty-toasty in his full lion costume, so the video you see at the party is him in a t-shirt and his costume pants. But the pictures that follow are in his full costume. He went trick or treating at our next door neighbors (just one house!).

He did like his costume. Super nice to have just pants and a zip up hoodie! When he showed his costume to people, he'd point to the lion on his head! So cute!

tuck is waiting for brayden to come back from trick-or-treating at the neighbors
coming in from the neighbors
super excited to eat the candy he picked out ... just waiting for mom to unwrap it!


this is really nummy...

yep, I bit off the paper and everything! 

so glad I found the candy bowl... 

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