Saturday, March 15, 2014

two months in!

After two months of learning the ins and outs of our newest one, Jase, I think we're finally settling into a bit of a schedule. A bunch of out-of-routine things happened in those two months, including my father-in-law having a stroke/aneurysm-type episode that brought him close to death. Thankfully, he is a walking testimony--the words I heard while praying the night of the episode--and is making a close to full recovery. (We are believing for 100% recovery!)

Jase just started officially sleeping through the night (the 6-7 hour stretch) earlier this week, which is fantastic! Overall, he has been a good sleeper at night and a fast eater, so I feel like I have been less tired overall than I was with Brayden. (yay!)

Jase is a fabulous eater and is growing very quickly. He is either close to off the charts or off the charts in his height, weight, and head size. At his two month check up, the little chart from the doc said that a well-nourished two-year-old should be 3-4 lbs. above their birth weight. That would put Jase at close to 12-13 lbs. and 10 ounces. He's 15 lbs. and 2 ounces. Length? Most his age are 1-2 inches longer than birth. He was 22 inches at birth... 23 inches at 2.5 weeks and 25 inches at 2 months! Definitely growing! :-) Most people think he's already three months old, maybe older! It's been interesting to figure out what clothes fit him.

I've gotten lots of questions about how Brayden is doing with Jase, and he is doing very well. Save for the occasional times where he doesn't want to share attention, he loves his brother, is intrigued by him, and is very proud of him. In fact, if you walked through the door right now, he would eagerly point to Jase and make sure you got a good look at his little brother.  I am very proud of Brayden as he is adjusting to having Jase around! I can tell they will be good buddies as they get older. Yay!

Well, all for now. Hopefully, I'll write more soon.

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