Saturday, April 23, 2016

A day at the zoo!!

Yesterday, my parents and I took the boys to the zoo while Erik was at work and getting ready for a weekend fishing trip. The animals were awesome and a vivid reminder that our God is an amazing Creator of this world! Here's a glimpse of the day! (lots of pics to follow!)

Lunch time! (Once B put his hat on backwards, J followed and grandpa couldn't resist the trend!)


Goats and the baby animals came next, including the petting area where you get up and close and personal, particularly if they know you have food! 

We saw baby piglets just a few days old!

Next was a highlight... Watching the penguins get fed!!

Beautiful underwater creatures came next!

I thought this one was just a plant in the water... Amazing how it blended in!

Another big moment was the feisty bears!! They put on quite the show! (keep an eye on all three bears... the one on the left is heading to the rock for some extra sun!)

Why hello there, Bear!

And yes, those are striped jammy pants on Jase because I completely forgot to change his diaper until ...well, let's just say it was absolutely necessary! 😳

B and J have loved learning about cheetahs recently so it was fun to have something similar to see! (Leopard!)

This was just a glimpse of what was, all in all, an amazing, fun day! 

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