Wednesday, March 1, 2017

an FYI for conservatives about Beauty and the Beast

I just emailed Disney regarding my disappointment about their upcoming movie Beauty and the Beast. I told them that I had been excited to see it since I first heard the announcement about the live action movie... that I am a huge fan of the theater play and have seen it probably 10-15 times... I had planned to see the movie 2-3 times in the theater (which I rarely do!)...

But all that changed because they decided to proudly advertise their decision to include their first openly gay character in the movie. They changed a classic tale to appease what they thought society wanted to "move" Disney forward to whatever place they thought they should be to promote "equality"...

Honestly, if they hadn't advertised it, I would have seen the movie and been potentially annoyed by an openly gay character, probably even disgusted and certainly disappointed that they would change the story to that degree - in a time period/setting that a gay character doesn't even make sense - but I probably would have made the most of enjoying the overall movie.

Because they've chosen to advertise their choice, that is what disgusts me. They're proud they are changing their stories and standards to match what media promotes as society's wishes. I would suggest that if they were going to create an openly gay character, use a new character from a new movie that had no previous attachments or character profiles in the audience's minds.

No, I'm not against homosexuals, and no, I'm not trying to start an argument, so please, no comments against my decision to avoid seeing the movie. The reason I'm posting is because I told Disney I would alert my friends who agree with me that they may not be interested in supporting the movie anymore.

Yes, in general, I shouldn't expect anything different from a secular company, but I can be disappointed and voice my disappointment for their decision. Being silent about these types of things allows them to keep happening.


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