Thursday, April 4, 2019

don't despise the little things!

We're hosting a baby shower at my house on Sunday, and so we are in full pick up the house and clean mode!

Yesterday, my five-year-old was vacuuming the stairs and when he stopped he said, "Mom, mom! I figured out how the vacuum works!" He went on to explain how our hands hold the vacuum down and air comes out that pulls up the crumbs/dirt. 

It was a really fun moment, because a couple days ago, his older brother did something similar with a zipper. He had been zipping his coat and must have  been contemplating how it actually worked, and then told me, very excitedly, how interesting it was and how he figured it out. 

It goes to show you that kids are always trying to figure out life! This is one reason I value homeschooling. I get to hear all those moments of discovery... and they happen all the time, even when they are helping with chores or putting on a coat. They don't need tons of extra stuff to learn. They just need a safe place to learn and someone who will guide them through it! 

I'm certainly not perfect, but I'm enjoying it! 

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