Tuesday, April 2, 2019

sap to syrup!

Happy April!

Wowza, it's amazing how quickly time goes by. Already April! I think it helps that we have more than enough to do as moms and wives and workers and such to fill each day and week. I remember realizing how a kid's calendar goes by so slow when they are waiting for a big event that is weeks out because all they have to do all day is play / school... the days are much longer then!

Well, clearly I'm off  my normal devo routine, and I'm rethinking what my blog will look like going forward. I may switch it up and mix in devos with 5 things I'm grateful for as well as homeschool stories.

Yesterday was a fun homeschool day because we boiled down maple sap into syrup for the first time! It was something my hubs and I were interested in for a while, and it finally happened yesterday. The syrup was delicious! And it smelled so good as it boiled down. It was fun to realize how that experience was so good for the kiddos. They got to watch evaporation first hand as the sap changed to syrup. I think we are all excited that we get to do this all again each year! A lot of work, but it pays off. Oh and I ran to the gas station last night for vanilla ice cream to eat with our syrup! Delish treat after a long day of work (much of it my hubby's patience as it boiled!).

We still have sap to gather. I think it might run for a few more days. We also have more sap to boil. Yay! more syrup.

Anyway, I hope your week is going well! Thanks for reading about what is going in my world!

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