Wednesday, January 19, 2011

update on Brian's family

Hey Everyone,

I was thinking some of you might appreciate an update on Cristina and the girls (my brother's family). They are doing well. Cristina got married this past August to a wonderful guy named Josh. He's been awesome taking care of my brother's family and really making them his own family while preserving and cherishing memories of Brian. (Thank you, Josh! You have no idea what that means to me and my parents!) We got a video on Brian's birthday of the girls singing happy birthday to daddy. It was absolutely precious! They are now farther away from us, which stinks, but technology helps us stay a little closer through pictures and Skype.

Here are some latest pics of the girls that my mom took when she visited them recently. (from top to bottom - Chloe, Angelica, and Julia)

I think my parents and I will agree. We are so happy and thankful to God that Cristina and the whole fam is settled and doing well. God is taking care of them just as he is taking care of us. I think Brian would proud of them as well.


P.S. Too bad Brian can't just post pics of Brody right now since they are together. Oh well. I'll have to be patient and wait until heaven.

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