Friday, February 11, 2011

tucker, santa, and the future

You know, I assumed keeping baby stuff around me would be really difficult, but on a whim a few months, I decided to not take down my little collection of presents Brody had already accumulated.

It's in a room I'm not in all that often so it has actually become a good thing for me. It's a reminder of the future - one day Erik and I will have a baby to fill these clothes. I look at it and think, "One day," and then I smile. I also think, "Goodness, Brody has already learned how to share. He's such a good boy!"

The one potential problem with where they are currently positioned... they are on a shelf at Tucker's eye level. Every once in a while, when I'm in the room, Tucker will come and look longingly at the giraffes. I know he wishes they were his. But if you've seen what Tuck does to stuffed animals, you know these will never be his.

Case in point... this is a $2 Santa toy from the dog store. It was on sale. I decided to let him have at it....

And that was just after a few hours... this is santa now....

Nope. Hopefully those giraffes will always be safely in my future kids' arms or in their toy box. :-)

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