Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my new hobby

So I have a new hobby in life... didn't plan on picking it up, but some friends gave me a paint-by-number for Christmas and once I started it, I found out that I am thoroughly enjoying it! It's perfect to enjoy during this season of life that I am in.

It's one of those things where you get started and you just want to keep going because you want to make this picture come alive! Now that I'm starting to put multiple colors in a section, it is starting to look cool.

Never knew this type of thing was out there, so thanks Leslie G. and family for introducing me to it! I'll try to remember to post the final product. :-)

In other news... I enjoy watching Food Network and have actually learned a lot of cooking terms and ideas from the show. For example, twice this week now I've made something that didn't quite taste right, so I thought to myself, "How can I sweeten this up?" or "What can I thicken this with?" and using some of my knowledge from Food Network, I feel like I did a pretty good job of turning something icky tasting into something decent. Not bad at all. :-)

Just little updates. Hope all is well in your life.



  1. thats so cool! my grandma loved to do paint by numbers. yours is becoming quite a masterpiece! :)

  2. Hi Laura!

    Not sure how I stumbled upon your lovely blog, but I'm glad I did! BTW, it's me Bryana's mom! :)

    Look forward to keeping up with you on here. When you find time stop over and say hello @

    Her Cup Runs Over

  3. :D
    Mom pointed this out to me.
    I love it :)
    No problem -- I'm really happy you're finding it fun.
    Lots of Love.