Wednesday, March 9, 2011

our second anniversary

Yesterday was our second anniversary. Erik and I had a wonderful time celebrating! Since we just had a night out to eat celebrating us for Valentine's Day, we thought it would be fun to stay home and make a restaurant style meal since we both enjoy baking and cooking.

When we were dating, Erik surprised me at home by making a ribeye steak meal with mashed potatoes, some type of veggie, a roll... the full steak dinner, but homemade. Candlelight and everything. We loved it so much we did it again last night with a few changes.

I don't have pics of Erik grilling, but he took a little grill (one he uses for camping) and grilled cauliflower, asparagus, and ribeye steak to perfection. So delicious. Inside the house, I made this recipe:

 The potatoes are super crispy on the outside and super smushy on the inside. It takes a while in a 500 degree oven, but definitely worth it! With the juice we had as a beverage, the full meal looked like this...

For dessert, we decided to replicate the molten chocolate cake you see at Chili's (and you can get something similar at a lot of other restaurants as well)....Thanks to Food Network magazine we had the recipe.

What our version looked like unbaked (waiting for the potatoes to come out of the oven)...


Erik needed to test the batter to make sure it tasted okay. (Okay, I did too; I just didn't take any pictures as evidence!) Tuck wanted some too.

 Here's the close to finished product

And the final thing.... 

The whole meal was very good. We enjoyed it all very much and complimented ourselves plenty. ;-) In the middle of making the dessert, we watched Despicable Me, a cartoon that came out last summer, and enjoyed that. All in all, a wonderful way to enjoy our two years together. 

Here's to many more years with my honey!!! :-)

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