Friday, June 1, 2012

food for thought

I just had the strangest thought.

So I was making cereal this morning and added some frozen strawberries and fresh blueberries. Not sure if that sounds strange to you, but it works for me. :-) The frozen is nice to just have around for when you don't have fresh fruit. And it's funny because I thought to myself, I just spent $7 or $8 on this big bag of frozen strawberries so I could have them on hand for nutrition in the morning (and because I love them!). Even though I only add five or six to a cereal, I realized that I fully expect me to get an unseen pat on the back because I was being good and eating fruit and those five or six strawberries would make all the difference in the world because they made my day slightly healthier.

On the other hand, I have blamed pregnancy and nursing for higher than usual sugar cravings ... my hubby would say it's completely normal and not worth blaming Brayden for them, but I don't mind the "excuse" ... All that to say, I've been craving sugar quite often and almost every time I have it I think, "Well, it's just a little sugar; it's no big deal."

So I finally caught up to the double-mindedness. I expect a small amount of nutrition to make this amazing nutritional difference in my food intake for the day, but want all the bad sugar intake to just slide by. Then I wondered how much I do that with my life. (I know, rather deep thoughts while eating breakfast....) I want a couple minutes of prayer to transform me, but time wasted on ___________ to just "slide" by and not be noticed.

All that to say, I need to be more cautious about how I expect my time to affect me. So-called good, bad, and indifferent uses of my time all affect me and if I really want to see an increase in my life from time spent with God, I need to take a lot more time than a few minutes here and there. A "nutritious" life is one that is a lifestyle of nutrition, not a few moments or a few strawberries of healthiness.


So Brayden's photo contest is still going on, and if you haven't yet voted for him, could you do so? You can vote once or twice a day per computer from now until Sunday at midnight. :-) You don't have to register... just click on the link, vote, and type in something to show you're not a computer. 

Thanks. I'm having fun watching Brayden go up the ranks in the contest and I appreciate every vote to make it happen. :-)

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