Tuesday, May 29, 2012

God is watching over us!

Hi there! Hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend! We enjoyed being with family. Always a blessing! I learned once again that traveling throws off a baby's schedule quite a lot... Brayden didn't really get a good nap in on Saturday or Sunday. Finally by Monday he either gave in to the fact we weren't at home or was that exhausted and slept a good chunk of the day!

Erik and I were extra grateful last night to make it home safely because we drove by a very bad accident that Erik guessed had happened just a few minutes before we passed. That means if I hadn't forgotten what kind of sunflower seeds Erik wanted at the gas station and had to go back and check with him before we decided to go through the drive thru for food or if we hadn't gotten stuck behind a super slow driver, we might have been in it ourselves! Not to mention two other instances of crazy things happening on the road where it could have an accident if Someone up above wasn't watching over us! Thank you, Lord!

In other news, can you do me a favor? I entered a cute photo of Brayden in a photo contest just for kicks. Could you vote for him? You just have to click on the link, vote, and type in numbers to show you aren't a computer. You can do it every day between now and June 3. here is the link... 


Thank you! Have a great week!

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