Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brayden's first birthday pics!

Brayden is a lucky boy! He got two birthday parties in two different states with our respective sides of the family. That meant two homemade dinners and two homemade cakes! :-) I wanted the dinners to be stuff that Brayden liked, and although E and I initially wanted to do the full decorating thing for the cakes (we had some great ideas), we let time and energy limit to us to just really good tasting cakes. I loved cooking and baking for him! 

The first dinner was spaghetti!

Grandma Ruthie was at this party!

His special cake was chocolate with amaretto butter cream frosting.  Yum!

Grandma Wegener playing with him on the floor
Opening presents
He's liking the cake....

Playing before dinner with the other side of the family. Daddy smoked chickens for dinner-
pic below. Football in the background!

Me and the smores cake... chocolate cake with marshmallow cream filling, toasted
graham crackers, and chocolate ganache. 

Reading one of his new books!

Oh my goodness!

More cake!

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