Friday, January 11, 2013

happy first birthday, Brayden!

One year ago today, Erik and I were in the hospital meeting our little baby. Love!

I am happy to say I'm so content with this past year. I'm grateful to be home with my baby and get to enjoy him with my husband and just watch him grow. Amazing! I don't wish time to be faster or slower or anything. I'm enjoying every moment as best as I possibly can.

a few weeks old

I do feel like Erik and I have an extra special appreciation for Brayden that makes him extra special to us since our first son and my brother are in heaven. I know I talk about them a lot, but it's true. :-)

three months

So in honor of Brayden's birthday, here are a few things about him. I love watching his personality grow!

Walking? Yes, but not on his own. He prefers to hold onto couches, tables, walls, etc. He will walk with people, but he does like doing things on his own, so he's not quite as much a fan of walking with people it seems. He stills scoots and crawls, of course!

six months

Favorite things: TV remotes, cell phones, eating

nine months

Favorite brag moment: he whistles while he plays.

Favorite food: chili, bananas, and after his birthday cake, I'm sure he'll add cake to the list!

Here is a favorite pic from his recent one-year photo session. Thanks to Beyond Photography for taking it and thanks to my hubby for suggesting the idea!

Happy 1st birthday, Brayden! You bring such joy to our lives! We love you. :-) 

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