Saturday, September 19, 2009

another week goes by

Ever have those weeks where Friday never comes? Well, as I'm writing this, Friday has come and gone, but it took a long time to come! It probably was because Brian was prayed for yesterday by a well-respected minister and I was excited for that to happen.

Work was super busy this week, so the week went well, once I worked through some things on Monday. I don't like knowing that even though I'm having a good week, Brian's still fighting for his life. But you do what you can - praying for him, visiting, talking to my mom. Every bit helps in the fight.

Tomorrow I will hopefully go see Brian again. As my dad so aptly stated, Brian refuses to die. And it's pretty intense watching his faith in action when he is in so much pain. As a family member said, he's literally seeing through faith's eyes right now, not his own. It definitely challenges your own faith.

On a different note, through all of this chaos from the past two years with Brian, I met and married my husband, Erik! And today God showed me something about him. Erik is God's gift of mercy to me. That's how Jeremy Pearsons explains his wife in the book Hello, My Name Is God. My spouse is God's gift of mercy to me. This journey would be completely different, if I didn't have Erik by my side. He's been encouraging, strength, a listening ear, and someone to hug, over and over and over again. He helps me work though my thoughts and helps me put them aside to have fun.

Although many times during the journey, I felt odd going through the happiest moments of my life while my brother was in the worst moments of his, I'm grateful. As the sister, I don't always know what to do to help, except visit, pray, and talk to him. So the distraction of getting married, probably was another gift of God's mercy to me. Plus, God brought me a whole 'nother support system through Erik's wonderful family--not only his immediate family, but also his extended family.

Anyway, it's Saturday morning. Erik's sleeping. Tucker (our dog!! that's a whole 'nother story!!) is playing, and I'm thinking about straightening up the house before we head to our second wedding of the weekend.

I hope your day is blessed. God is truly good and will remain good for all times.

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