Saturday, September 12, 2009

day 2

The last few days have been rough, but today has a bright spot. I'm watching Julia, the youngest of Brian's three children. All girls. (Lots of weddings to pay for down the road!) She's 1 1/2 and taking a nap right now. Okay, not really taking a nap, more like jabbering in the playpen, talking to herself, and pooping in her diaper. Such fun.

If you do the math, you'll realize Julia came right in the middle of this storm. She was born right around six months after Brian's surgery. At that time, he was cancer free.

Julia's a super easy-going baby. In fact, as I'm typing in the room with her, she drank her milk and now is alternating between laying her head down and playing with her toys. So precious.

You know, having a super easy-going baby in the middle of such craziness isn't a coincidence. Yes, three kids is a lot of work, but a smile from Julia can calm anyone's day. What if they had had a difficult child? Makes me remember that God is watching over them.

Heh heh. Julia is making loud noises and Erik is trying to sleep in the other room. Hopefully she's not bothering my sleepy husband. :)

The little things show that God is moving in the middle of this chaos. From providing for Brian's medical needs to the blessing of his third child, He's taking care of us.

I often wish He would take care of the big needs as well, since manifest healing is such a prominent need, but then I wonder, how many lives have been changed by watching Brian's faith remain strong through this ordeal? How many people have changed or confirmed their belief in God by seeing how strong Cristina is, even when she's weak? How have their lives been changed for the better? What difference will be made in the kingdom of God because of what they've been through?

Questions seem so prominent in the middle of this storm, but sometimes I think I can--and should--reevaluate the questions I ask.

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  1. Okay, totally cheesy comparison coming on - but bear with me...
    I just read the novel "The Penny" by Joyce Meyer and as I read it God began to speak to me and show me the truth in His word (as it related to this story). If you haven't read it - just understand this... the main character finds pennies all over in her life and God begins to speak to her that He's always ahead of her laying out the path and He's ALWAYS there. At the time, she doesn't understand why God didn't make all the bad situations go away - but she understands one thing... her Father was always there giving her the strength until she saw the promise (and the truth of His Word in the situation). And I began to think of Ruth - just picking up the wheat in the field, and Mary listening to angel and choosing to believe or Peter stepping out on the water - all just "small" things, but they showed their trust in Him and His promises and God did GREAT things because of it.
    I (personally) hate the questions - because I don't know all the answers. But my heart is lifted as I rest in the fact that I know the one who has the answers and I can trust in Him to lead me. So that's my prayer for you, Brian, Cristina, your Mom & Dad and the girls...
    to lean on the One who has the answers and trust in Him. And your hearts be lifted and surrounded in peace because He holds us in His arms and carries us through those difficult spots in life - or holds our hands and guides us through.
    ... praying for you...