Sunday, January 3, 2010

all is well

Hi there.

We had a really good Christmas and New Year's with my family and Erik's family. Lots of blessings and laughs with family. New Year's and Brian's birthday passed smoothly; thanks for your prayers.

If you read Cristina's blog, you'll see we had a nice time remembering Brian on Christmas when the girls all received bears that had recordings of Brian talking to them that they could listen to. Pretty neat. Tear-jerking too. All of us had our times of grieving and crying over the past few weeks as we remembered him; God's grace definitely brought us through.

Hmmm I don't have a whole lot else to say except God is healing our family. Time helps and God is good. All of us are dealing with it differently as we're each healed separately, and we're slowly becoming our family again without the tenseness of the past two years. It is good. Thank you, Lord.

Knowing my husband, dog, and myself, I'll have stories to share next time... right now, I'm ready for bed. Until then, all God's best to you! :)

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