Thursday, March 29, 2012

getting things done

Motherhood puts a whole new meaning to the term "busy."

Holy cow... I could be doing so many things with my time, it's crazy! It seems like every moment, my brain is spinning, what should I be doing right now? And don't worry, I'm not stressed about life or overworking myself. I feel like I'm handling it and growing into the mom position. I'm just adjusting to thinking about an additional person to care for, make sure that he's bathed, clothes are washed, etc.

It is especially funny how fast my mind is moving when Brayden isn't in my arms and sleeping somewhere, with Daddy, etc. My seemingly single-minded thought is, "How much can I get done before I get to hold him again?" and if he's sleeping, "How much longer is he going to sleep?"

I feel like I'm playing a squeeze game and trying to squeeze all my time and chores into an undisclosed period of time while Brayden naps or hangs with someone else. It makes me laugh.

Being down on bedrest while pregnant has taught me a few things about getting stuff done though. First, it's taught me the beauty of accomplishing one thing. I am so happy when I put away one shirt - which makes me smile at how good I feel after one when there's a stack still left behind. Second, I'm learning to utilize every moment. If I'm walking upstairs, I think, "What can I bring with me?" When I come down or switch rooms, I think the same thing. I'm always trying to contemplate what I can do to accomplish something.

Granted, all of my small things don't always look like they add up to anything, but every bit helps. :-)

My friend, Stacey, passed on some encouraging words from Renee Burt who teaches at HomeMakers at Living Word Christian Center. What I remember Renee's general idea was: "When I see something I can do, if I can do it in a minute or less, I should do it right away." That stuck with me and now if I see something I can quick do, I try to do it or at least have an argument within myself telling me to do it.

I have a long ways to go, but I really like the journey. I've always enjoyed multitasking and having multiple things on my brain and I think I've learned pretty well how to put something on the "backburner" if it stresses me out to think about it. I only ponder what I can handle and I'm always setting goals for what I can do within a time period.

I am very grateful to the Lord for His grace that helps me do everything I need to do as a wife and mother. He's awesome! :-) I'm not always the best at listening or following through on what He wants me to do, but I really do want to follow Him and when I mess up, He is amazing at letting me keep coming back to Him and trying again. Thank you, Jesus!

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