Thursday, May 17, 2012

a lesson learned from Hollywood, Avengers style

So I have to admit it. I'm a fan of superhero movies. In fact, I've been waiting for a few years for May 2012, when the Avengers was released.

I have to follow those statements by saying, no, I'm not a movie buff. In fact, I shy away from a lot of movies because of content I don't care to watch. But I am a creative person who loves a good story. (That's why I get super excited about movies I actually want to see!)

I also love watching Hollywood take biblical truths about how to live life and turn it into a movie plot. That's exactly what I saw in the Avengers. I could rave on and on about all the truths I saw tucked away in the movie, but I won't bore you with the complete ramblings of my brain. Just some of them.

After pondering my excited thoughts about the movie (and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it), I came to a few conclusions. (Okay, I was drawing conclusions all the way through the movie, to be honest!)

1. The other worldly creatures Hollywood portrays in movie have one thing in common: they don't have individuality. 99.9% of the time, alien invasions are done by creatures who obey orders. That's pretty much all. Some aliens have personalities (Transformers for example), but when the power source to the alien world is shut down, the aliens shut down too.

2. Humans have a common strength which double as their common weakness: their individuality.

The Avengers portrays this perfectly. If you haven't seen it, I don't think I'll be spoiling anything by saying that the Avengers don't work together so well in the beginning. In fact, they fight against each other... which I was thoroughly annoyed by as a casual viewer. I kept thinking, "Don't you know you're fighting for the same cause? You each have strengths, and if you just put them together...."

I couldn't help but think of the body of Christ right then. The body of Christ has moments of brilliance where we work together in amazing ways. We complement each other and portray Jesus as He truly is. Then we also have moments of stupidity where we fight against ourselves. We compare ourselves against each other (yep, the Bible talks about that) and mistakenly view each other as the enemy.

Now here's the cool thing. When good ultimately battles evil in movies (think: climax), the darkness has a solid attack plan that can only be thwarted when all the good side (humans, in this case) use their individual strengths in a united stand against the evil. That's when the dark is pushed back and ultimately conquered.

Our weapon of individuality truly is our greatest weakness and strength. It makes us prideful. It keeps us humble. It makes us opinionated. It gives us diversity. It divides. It pulls together. It causes a web of wonders that can truly be used in our favor if we choose.

I'm guilty of being on both sides of this equation so I'm glad this movie reminded me to pull together, not apart, in our walks of life on earth. When we embrace other people's differences, it actually helps us. It allows their uniqueness to complement our own individuality and ultimately strengthen the body of Christ.

Neat, huh? :-)

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