Wednesday, May 9, 2012

no longer newborn!

So Brayden is no longer just a newborn baby "doll" I can play with and dress up and put to sleep! :-) He's starting to develop personality. Of late, here's what he's learned.

1. He's learned how to protest. Apparently he's not a super huge fan of being carted around in his car seat all day... which leads to not being a fan of his car seat in general. He sticks his bottom up in the air and arches his back like, "No, Mommy, I don't want to be in here!" That doesn't stop me from putting him in the car seat, but it definitely makes me aware that he has definite likes and dislikes and I have to get used to considering those when I go about my day! :-)

2. He's learned to roll over. Yep. Mobility has begun... and we can tell Brayden seems to wish he was a whole lot more mobile than his body will allow him to be! We help him stand up on his toes (love how that looks when he's all wobbly) and he just leans forward like, "This is how I walk, right?" It's pretty cute. Same thing when he's on the ground sitting. He folds himself in half because he seems to know that's the direction of "motion."

So life continues to get interesting with him. Right when I think I have it down, something changes. His smile and hugs and squeezability is amazing!

Bray turns four months on Friday... but I have a ton of wonderful pictures I have from his three-month photo session that I haven't posted yet. I'll probably keep sharing them over the next few months, even though he's changing all the time! Thanks to my family at Beyond Photography for their great photos! Here are just a few!

Halfway through the photo shoot... he wasn't too sure about all this!
Our favorite picture of him!

me and my boys. Love.

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