Saturday, August 12, 2017

a parenting/laundry "hack"

Hi there!

So one of the podcasts I've enjoyed listening to lately is by Gretchen Rubin called Happier. It's practical tips to living a happier life.

They have a segment called "Happiness Hack" that talks about a "hack" for something that will make you happier. Since I've started to think in those terms, I decided to blog about it, in case my hack will help you!

Today, it is a double hack for parenting & laundry. I am not the greatest at getting laundry done and definitely not at matching socks... Erik's stash of white socks is really something I'm bad at matching. So today, I hacked it by making it into a fun project.

Brayden and I played a matching game with Erik's socks and for every match he got a penny. Jase could have played, but since he was playing with toys nicely behind us, I let him do so. We were done in probably five minutes. The matching was great practice for Brayden; he got a quarter out of the deal, and now Erik's folded socks are now upstairs on his bed waiting for him to use!

Maybe the next time you need socks folded, enlist your kids' help!

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