Saturday, December 5, 2009

happy Christmas season!

Today (Saturday) has been a good holiday day! I think I've come up with a new holiday tradition... for myself. heheh hehe... Making cranberry applesauce!!! I love it! Tonight Erik and I are headed to a Christmas party and I decided to make a big batch of it, partially because my best friend April heard I was making applesauce and wanted some. Too bad for Erik that he doesn't really like cranberries... more for me. Yay!

Our Christmas tree is up and today I found the holiday station on XM radio. Super fun! A bunch of old Christmas music. Loving it. Good atmosphere. It does remind me of my grandparents' house.

I did pray a lot this morning for a friend of mine from high school and his dad. His sister died right before Thanskgiving and within days, his grandpa died. Wow. You know when things look really dark for you, you'd be surprised by how many people around you are facing more difficult situations than you are! Peace and grace to them. I know a little bit of what they are going through and I am aching with the horror and pain. Those first few weeks are so surreal. God, be with them! Surround them and bring them peace during this time!

Erik and I are working on white elephant gifts for a party tonight... I think we have some good ones.

All for now...

P.S. New Year's Resolution #1... (I know, it's early!)... stop using "..." when writing.

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