Monday, November 30, 2009

thank you

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for my family during Thanksgiving. It blessed me every time someone mentioned they were praying for me. It wasn't easy, especially for my parents and Cristina. By God's grace, we pulled through.

For me, I was dealing with a new set of emotions - having a "split" Thanksgiving with two families! I was at my in-laws for Wednesday night and Thanksgiving morning and then drove to my family's for the afternoon. It was super weird to not be helping my mom on Thanksgiving morning but my mom-in-law! I loved being able to help in Wisconsin; it was just weird for it not to be my mom! And yes, two turkey meals in one day is a lot and I highly suggest you don't eat the second piece of pecan pie, especially if you've already eaten two full meals, a slice of lemon meringue and mincemeat pie!! First year of marriage stuff... good times! :)

It was extra special to look forward to seeing my family later that day. It made me realize how much I appreciate and love them. And it's cool to see how you appreciate both sides of your family in different ways. I love my in-laws and I love my family!

Tonight Erik and I are headed to my grandparents to pick up a Christmas tree for our house. We'll put it up tonight or later this week and hopefully our dog will not enjoy tipping it over....

Oh and funny story... if you look outside on this cold, Minnesota day, you wouldn't see any ice or snow on the ground. Just ground. Except for the parking lot that I walked through this morning. Apparently I was able to find the one patch of ice on the ground in the whole state and slip on it. Classic. I was laughing pretty hard when I told Erik because it wasn't just a bend-the-knees-and-stumble-to-the-ground fall. It was the classic legs-go-out-from-under-you-so-you-fall-right-on-your-bum fall. Wish I had a camera to see how funny I looked! No harm done, as far as I can tell!

I'm getting excited to see Cristina and the girls around Christmas time. I bet the girls are getting so big! And probably tan... I might be slightly jealous! Excited to see Julia walk (the youngest) and hug and squeeze all four of them!

Anyway, off to go see what my husband and dog are up to. Blessings on your day! And tomorrow's December - WOW! :) Happy Christmas season to you!

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  1. You are constantly in my prayers and I look forward to seeing the girls as well for Christmas! :)
    I'm glad your first holiday went by peacefully... I pray for many more joyous and peaceful holidays to come with LOTS of new memories to come! :)