Wednesday, May 18, 2011

today's top 5 (5/18)

1. God's grace. I haven't felt like the most gracious, loving person this morning. I should have started my day with my quiet time, but didn't. Sometimes when I miss it, it's so hard to discipline myself to get back to it. I should know better because starting the day with it makes life SO much easier! All that to say, I'm grateful for God's grace and that I can get back up again and He's there to help me. I don't want to abuse it, but when I really want to do right, but still don't (Romans 7 anyone?), I'm grateful He stills cares and loves me and takes me as I am.

2. My phone? This one has a question mark after it because it's been a frustration for the past two days, turning on and off at will! But right now, my phone has remained on for almost an hour without problems and I'm very grateful. Maybe it's better? We'll see. :-)

3. Restaurants. I love cooking, but some days, premade food is wonderful.

4. My hubby. He's wonderful.

5. My mom's day flowers. They've lasted a long time. They make me smile.

Hope your day is going well!

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