Thursday, May 26, 2011

first time fishing for the season

So my post about this is a little delayed since it's from a few weeks ago, but here are a few pics from my first fishing outing of the season.

I like the first pic because it's a glimpse of the beauty and serenity that I get to be a part of every time I go fishing.

The next pic is my view. :-) I'm in the back fishing and Erik's up front. I am very glad he's introduced me to fishing. It's a fun thing to do.
Since it was my first outing of the spring, I/we decided to bring Tucker so he didn't have to stay at home and be sad and then be crazy when we came home since he'd have all that energy from being home alone.

I quickly remembered why he usually stays home from fishing trips... he whines some since he'd much prefer being off the leash, jumping in the lake, fishing on his own, smelling everything, etc. Thankfully, he was much better than he was the previous year we took him. He started to show some maturity and didn't whine the whole time... just a little bit. :-) (Oh and he's not quite old enough or "mature" enough to be off the leash. One day I'm sure.)

We'll have many more fishing adventures to come! What's your sport/hobby for the spring and summer? :-)