Monday, May 2, 2011

my two cents on world events

I've been watching Facebook over the past 12+ hours and I've been fascinated by all the status updates about bin Laden. There's a wide variety... from celebrating his death to mourning the loss of a human life to shaming people for celebration to pure fact.

At a time like this, I remind myself that all of us have a perspective on our Christianity that no one else has. We are unique and the comments we each make come from what we've learned and experienced. Whether or not you agree with someone else's comments, it will do you good to ponder why they commented in such a way and what their perspective may be. Most of the time they have a reason behind their comments that they don't even understand, and it goes deeper than face value. Most likely there is some truth in their comments and I bet, if you're open to it, you can learn from it.

Part of me wants to provide my perspective on my feelings of the actual death of bin Laden, but I'll do my best to refuse and simply say: don't criticize other people's perspectives. We all have an opinion and a point to share. Respectfully counter, but don't shame them for celebrating or commentating. Provide a different opinion, but don't negate theirs.

That's my two cents.

One other thought, thank you, Lord, for our military. Bless them for what they do. Surround them right now and protect them. Protect our nation, our leaders, and our borders. Protect our airways and may America come back to You.

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