Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy early father's day!

First of all, happy first father's day to my honey, Erik. I cry thinking about our honey up in heaven and not here with us. I know he's in a better place than we are... but that doesn't mean we can't miss him and wish he was with us. I know you would have been amazingly wonderful to Brody and in my imagination, he looks just like you. I really believe you'll get to be a father here on earth one day. Thanks for standing by me through all of this past year missing our son. We'll still miss him a lot in the future, but that's okay. It just makes me extra excited for the day we get to meet him in heaven.

Secondly, happy father's day to my dad. It's been such a crazy few years, but you and your faith have been a rock and an example to me and many others through this time. Thanks for helping Erik and I so much through these past months as we dealt with Brody going to Jesus. Here's to a future of living our faith and to the day I get to see you be a grandpa to my kids here on earth. (Given how awesome you are with Brian's girls, I know you'll be amazing!)

Thirdly, happy father's day to my father-in-law. Thank you for taking me into your family so easily! You'll never know the impact you had on me when you took the time to make sure I had an "outhouse" for my first big camping trip out on an island with no amenities. It did help make my camping experience a good one, but more than that, it showed you were watching out for me and cared.

Lastly, thanks to my grandparents and Erik's grandparents. Thanks for providing an example of faith and love to me and all of our family. I have an incredible family and family-in-law that I believe shows God's love to others.

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