Friday, June 10, 2011

it's the little things in life

For those of you who know me, you know that I am very easily amused by the little things in life.

For example, I got two colored bottles from the Bachman's idea house this past spring. (I love the idea house - they fix up an old house with new and vintage items and reuse items in unique ways. You look at what they can done and then you can buy some of the things you like and creatively find ways to use them! has all the details. I think today or tomorrow is the last day for the summer idea house.) Here's a picture of the porch of the idea house when I got the bottles.

See the bottles hanging from the ceiling? I purchased two of them and one is now my watering "can" and the other holds change. Okay, it holds some change. Nickels and quarters don't quite fit (whoops!), but pennies and dimes do. 

I am thoroughly stoked about the day that jar will be filled with dimes and pennies... I can picture us bringing our kids (it will take a while for the jar to get filled!) in to dump out the money and find out how much we have! I'm so excited about the potential of the full jar that I LOVE finding pennies and dimes. Pretty much any dime or penny I see will quickly be rushed to the jar. 

The bottom right now is barely filled, but again, I have a vision of one day having enough coins in there to fill it to the top! :-) 

All that to say... I was in Erik's truck yesterday and saw two dimes at the bottom of his cup holder. I asked, "Can I please take these dimes?" (and yes, I may have had a begging look in my eye...)

He replied, "Sure. I know you're get much more enjoyment out of taking them then I will with them staying in my car." 

I laughed because he was absolutely right. 

:-) I love being amused by little things. Makes life a whole lot more fun. :-)

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