Saturday, July 30, 2011

bedrest boredom

A little over two weeks of bedrest/"limited activity" and the days have ticked by so slowly. Argh! I am trying to keep myself as busy as possible... from the sofa. I enjoyed a morning off thinking about not much this morning, but by midafternoon, my brain--which has to be accomplishing something as much of the time as possible--almost had a meltdown.

So I put in the movie Julie & Julia. For a writer like myself, I can relate to both Julia's adventure of writing a book (although hers was a cookbook) and Julie's adventure of blogging. Plus, I love their love of cooking and it made me just a little sad that I can't just bustle around the kitchen right now making these fabulous recipes.

It did inspire to make an omelet for dinner. My omelets, I must admit, have been less than stellar in the past. Slowly, but surely, Food Network and Erik and my interest in cooking has caused me to keep trying and improving omelets. Today's actually turned out decent, although I still haven't figured out how they keep the eggs looking so flat and nice in the pan while cooking it.

I've also improved at making eggs over easy... they used to become scrambled eggs, more or less, but my last three for Erik were practically perfect.

I know... way boring information, but hey! I gotta do something to amuse myself waiting for baby! :-) You just happen to be a recipient of my thoughts while I do so.

Oh and I guess the biggest "news" of all is I decided to give myself an extra reason to stay off my feet... I bruised my toe. Okay, the reasoning isn't true, but the bruised toe is. I'm what some may call clumsy when it comes to keeping my toes out of the ways of doors and bed frames, and yesterday, I got out of bed and slammed a toe into the bed. Whoops! No major harm done. Just a different colored toe.

Exciting life, huh? :-)

**I should clarify that although the title says "bedrest boredom," I am not officially on bedrest anymore, which I noted in a previous post. I'm on the "limited activity" schedule, but I'm still on the sofa resting quite a lot. Plus "bedrest boredom" is a much cooler sounding title than "limited activity boredom."  :-)

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