Tuesday, November 3, 2009

almost one month later

I guess it's almost been a month since Brian beat us to see Jesus. (It's so hard saying he died!! Sounds so final!!! Glad he's still around - just in heaven still around, not on earth still around!) Overall, I'd say we're doing pretty good. We all have those horrible, horrible moments where you realize what happened and the finality of it sinks in. I usually try not to let those moments last too long; it's too tough. :(

Not really looking forward to holidays without him. It'll have a different flavor. But we're a strong family and the days will come and go with the Lord's help and each other.

I'm working today, but taking a break for lunch. Probably mac and cheese - didn't resist that 4 for $1 sale at the grocery store!!! Tucker's got a new "gentle leader" leash that is supposed to keep him from pulling when we are on walks... which I am SO happy for! I couldn't stop him when he would pull! My arms and wrists need a break from getting pulled around by a little (okay 44 lbs!) puppy!!!

Anyway, just wanted to post a note. I had a great weekend with girlfriends and had prayer time and got to flow with God and it was so refreshing for me to be in that place. Little by little, God is definitely healing my heart and bringing me fully back to Him.

All for now! Blessings and all God's best to you! :-)

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