Monday, November 9, 2009

just checking in

Hi all!

I'm doing really well right now. Erik and I attended an awesome church service recently that rocked our worlds. Spending time in God's presence corporately helped jump start my time with Him at home. I'm learning how to live in this new "normal" of life.

Things are definitely different than they were over a month ago. The biggest difference is that our stress level is down a lot. I'm grateful for that.

Cristina and the girls are reconnecting as a family down in Florida for the next few months. They're having a wonderful time. Cristina did find someone who can help her out a few hours every day to give her some breathing room with the three little ones.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. It has been such a help knowing our community and network of support is there for us.

On other news... deer opener in MN was this weekend. Erik got his deer last night - yahoo! I helped him skin and quarter it last night; for some reason, I find that somewhat fascinating, although last night's deer was bloodier than normal, so it was super disgusting at moments. Given the perception of how women usually find that type of thing disgusting, I felt like I should be more disgusted with it but I wasn't! I was out with friends yesterday and they laughed with me, because this is a part of me that no one knew was hiding inside!! I really do enjoy being a "hunter's wife" with all that includes - meat in the freezer, dead deer hanging in your garage... It's funny because I know it's so unlike the perception people have had of me!

I think I posted last time that our dog got a new leash - a gentle leader. And it was super funny because this afternoon I was feeling like I could be a testimonial for an infomerical about the leash. It's literally changed the way I think about walking my dog because with a regular leash, it was Tucker walking me (and sometimes injuring me he pulled so hard in the wrong directions!!!), but with the new leash it's me walking him!

Oh and I took Tucker to a nearby dog park this weekend. It was great to see him run at full speed around the whole area. Loved letting him get exercise. Erik and I will probably head back there this weekend to hang out with our new little dog community!

Anyway, apparently I have lots to say. :-) Hope your life is doing well. If I can ever pray for you for something, please let me know. Either post on here or email me.


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