Tuesday, April 26, 2011

in wonder

My God is an amazing God. Today I read Psalm 6:6 out of a devotional Bible:

      I am worn out from sobbing.
      All night I flood my bed with weeping,
      drenching it with my tears.

This reminded me, as some of the Psalms often do, that God can handle our anger. He can handle our frustration and He can handle our tears. I've been frustrated, worn out, and tired at various times throughout my life and God has never given up on me or stopped listening to me.

The key is that you have to bring it to Him. It doesn't help for you to be angry at God but never vent out your frustrations or just go along doing your own thing and ignoring Him. I've learned that I can bring my frustration to Him and He can handle it. In fact, He even helps you work through it.

I do love the fact that whenever David vents his frustration in the Psalms, a time of adoration and praise for God is always close by. He vents and then reminds Himself of who God is and that He will take care of things... somehow, someway.

Speaking of the person and character of God... I saw this today (and apparently over one million people have also seen it) and thought I'd share it. What a great reminder of what an awesome God we serve.

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