Friday, April 22, 2011

today's top 5 (4/22)

Five things I'm thankful for today...

1. Walks with my dog. It's nice to have a reason to have to walk outside... and it's a great way to enjoy the weather.
2. My best girlfriend, April. It's her birthday on Monday and I'm excited to celebrate her at her bday party tomorrow! She deserves that and a whole lot more. She's amazing.
3. Seasons. I love, love, love the states with continual warm weather, but I love the symbolism of seasons--especially the days of winter becoming spring. I believe the same thing happens in our lives - we go through seasons, and sometimes we're in that winter season. While we are there, it's so helpful to remember that one day--even though it sometimes feels very delayed--spring will come.
4. The Bible. What would I do without God's written Word to me? It encourages, strengthens, and helps. I want to rely on it much more than I do. It's a growing process.
5. Last--and most important--Jesus' death and resurrection. Without his selflessness, I would be nobody and go nowhere in life. His sacrifice is amazing... especially when you think about actually living in those moments of torture and pure agony... all for me. Absolutely crazy. I'm so thankful.

Have a wonderful Easter! Celebrate Him... He really does deserve all of our praise and worship! :-)

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