Thursday, April 21, 2011

today's top 5

Here are five things I'm thankful for today... (it can be about anything... my main top five that I'm always thankful for I posted yesterday.)

1. My mother who made dinner for the four of us night after night after night after night... After being married two years and doing my best to cook dinners for us as often as possible, I have a slightly better understanding of what that entails--a lot of work! So thankful she put that time into our family.
2. Birds. During the spring I hear birds chirping outside almost all day long. I love it!
3. Food Network. Okay this may sound funny, but I am grateful for people who take the time to test out awesome recipes and then make them available to us. 
4. Spring. Although the state I live in doesn't always include spring in its repertoire of weather, there's such a sense of hope and renewal in the air during spring. No hustling and bustling of the Christmas season. Making plans for summer, yet the quickness of summer (how fast it goes by) doesn't seem to be there.
5. Easter. Right in the middle of spring is Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead. That's the reason that I will live forever with Jesus once I leave this earth. I'm definitely thankful for that.

Happy Thursday. What are you thankful for today? :-)

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